Gone with time: South Korean Logistics firm decides to shift from AP

The AP economy is already reeling under the worst crisis due to cash doled out for the schemes of the YSRCP government, without creating necessary assets that generate revenue. Additionally, the lack of employment and investments during and before the pandemic has hit the state’s economy further. 
The current Jagan-led government’s priority should be to encourage industrialisation and new investments along with employment generation to revive the state’s economy. Unfortunately, the government is more focussed on winning every election and is hell-bent keeping its vote-bank intact. 
By not only following dubious methods for winning the elections and also physically attacking members and cadre of other political parties, the YSRCP government is setting new examples on how not to focus on state administration and development.  
Among the latest to leave Andhra Pradesh, a South Korean logistics giant has decided to shut shop in the state, making it one of the many companies to leave after Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy became the CM of Andhra Pradesh in 2019. 
Here’s why the company decided to leave: It had submitted a proposal to AP government seeking 75 acres of land in Amaravati. But, the Jagan government kept this proposal pending for months. Upset with it, the company has now decided to shift the stock point to Hyderabad’s outskirts, which has become a huge advantage for Telangana. 
The establishment of this company in Amaravati would have provided direct and indirect employment to several thousands of people besides contributing huge tax revenues to AP government. But, looks like a self-serving Chief Minister like Jagan doesn’t understand the vision of developing a state.
It remains to be seen how the current government will bail the state out of this ongoing economic crisis where even government employees are not receiving their salaries. 

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