Oxygen supply glitch: Two COVID patients die in Vizianagaram

Two COVID-19 patients died in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh early on Monday after a technical glitch disrupted oxygen supplies at the hospital. Authorities at the Maharaja Central Hospital, however, claimed the deaths were not related to the oxygen crisis, even as 25 other Covid patients had to be shifted from there to another facility.
The district official said that because of a technical glitch, the pressure of oxygen decreased in the hospital that has 290 patients, 25 of whom are on oxygen support. “We immediately rushed to the hospital and after that, [when] there was a low supply of oxygen,’’ Jawaharlal added. 
He said that alternate arrangements were being made to ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen to patients, and an oxygen tanker from Visakhapatnam was being transported to the district hospital for that.
Meanwhile, the government said that in the meantime, 15 patients who were on oxygen support, were shifted to a private hospital in Vizianagaram. She said the technical glitch in the oxygen system of the hospital would be resolved by Monday evening.
At least 20 coronavirus patients in Delhi died on Saturday after Jaipur Golden Hospital ran out of oxygen. A day earlier, 25 “sickest” coronavirus patients died overnight at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi amid a last-minute scramble for oxygen. 
The situation is worsening by the day, with hospitals taking to social media to plead with the government to replenish their oxygen supplies and threatening to stop admissions of new patients.  

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