Tirupati Bypoll: Rigging complaints from polling booths mar YSRCP’s image

With voting for Tirupati by-election underway today in the Lok Sabha constituency, many cases of fake voters and rigging have been reported from across different booths in the constituency. Not only have TDP and other party booth in-charges been reporting about these incidents from today morning, they have also elaborated on how some miscreants have been brought into Tirupati from outside the state just to create ruckus at polling booths. 
From assigning numbers on fake votes and sticking them to Voter ID cards of voters to ensuring that election officials are compromised with money and material gifts, the YSRCP has been drawing a lot of flak. There is also information that the YSRCP will win the byelection with a huge margin but has prepared well for rigging with the help of outsiders who are staying in the pilgrim city.
There are also allegations that police and election authorities have been overlooking malpractices at polling booths and have been indirectly supporting the ruling party. This by-election is a moral fight for the YSRCP which is criticised for conversions to Christianity even in the Temple town of Tirupati. 
It is also alleged that YSRCP leaders distributed money to volunteers and also Sangha Mitras and pressured them to see the electorate vote for YSRCP on the polling day. They also gave nose studs as gift to women volunteers and Sangha Mitras. 
Despite several complaints from various parties to the Election Commission, it has not been really taking up these actively while rigging continues unabated in the ongoing byelection. It remains to be seen whether this will turn out to be a fair election or just another one in YSRCP’s rigged polling kitty! 

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