Upset voters? No money distribution for MPTC, ZPTC polls in AP

In a strange situation, the Zilla Parishad and Mandal Parishad elections which are yet to happen in Andhra Pradesh soon are neither seeing much campaigning nor is there any election frenzy in the state. 

With Telugu Desam Party boycotting the election, most of the seats remain unanimous and on the ruling party’s side. But, what is surprising is the fact that political parties, even Jana Sena and BJP are refraining from campaigning while it is understandable about YSRCP not campaigning. 

As for the 554 MPTC seats, 432 seats were unanimously elected. Elections for the remaining 122 seats are to be held. Due to court disputes, death of candidates, non-filing of nominations, polls to Kondapuram Mandal Sugamanchipalle MPTC seats, as also to the Obannapalle, Sundupalle Mandal Sontamvaripalle and Proddatur Mandal Nanganur MPTC seats will not be held.

Meanwhile, with not much campaigning happening, candidates are apparently chilling out. And, this is something that voters are upset about because neither is there any cash being distributed nor are there any freebies announced. 

As strange as it sounds, it also exposes how voter behaviour has changed over decades where initially these freebies and materialistic items were announced to woo voters. But, now, voters expect and believe it is their right to own these freebies and even choose what they want. 

Therefore, with campaigning remaining dull, even local leaders are refraining from spending any money on their candidates. So, will that mean the effect of the opposition party not contesting is so drastic that the ruling party doesn’t want to shower voters with freebies or any other gifts? The answer is open to guesswork! 

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