Why AP’s BJP unit needs to wake up to reality

The Bharatiya Janata Party as a political party has aced the propaganda game. In every state, they know how to implement just the right strategy that makes them click. But, in Andhra Pradesh, the saffron party has been struggling to make an entry. While it expected to make way for itself in 2019 assembly elections, its expectations tanked badly. 
Then came the municipal polls and now, the upcoming Tirupati by-election. With the byelection, the BJP is looking forward to sealing a win but so are other parties. Amidst all this chaos of its desire to win at least a single seat in Andhra Pradesh, BJP has not bothered or even cared about the sentiments of Telugu people. 
Whether it is about Special Status or promises in the Bifurcation Act or protests against the privatisation of Visakhapatnam steel plant or selling off major stake in AP’s ports to players like Adani and others. At every stage, the BJP has only allowed AP’s situation to worsen financially, damaging the state in a big way. 
And, now, after the Centre’s recent promise to Pondicherry on granting a special status, it looks like AP’s BJP leaders have to save or maybe hide their face in front of the voters in the state. Neither is there any shame of not fulfilling promises made to the people of Andhra Pradesh nor is there any guilt for constantly betraying the trust of Telugu people. 
The BJP may be head over heels in love with its growing political clout across India, currently. But, politics is a game of victories and losses. The saffron party needs to realise that wiping off opposition means a growing negative sentiment against the BJP in the country. If not now, it could all boil down to extreme hate towards the party in the future. But, does the saffron party possess the foresight to see that kind of future where its existence could be threatened in India, in future? 
The answer is open to guesswork! For now, let’s just say that the BJP unit in AP is a confused soul with lack of direction and leadership! 

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