Anjaiah’s grandson faults Modi for raking up the Dalit issue

In the campaign for the ongoing general elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been slamming the opposition party, Congress, and even former prime minister late Rajiv Gandhi, alike. At an election meeting in Pratapgarh, Modi said that Rajiv Gandhi’s life was mired in corruption. Speaking to the media, he said that Rajeev Gandhi insulted former Dalit chief minister of undivided  Andhra Pradesh, T. Anjaiah.
Anjaiah’s grandson Abhishek Reddy faulted Narendra Modi for calling his grandfather, Anjaiah, a Dalit time and again. He said that Modi had, in the Parliament, told that former PM Rajiv Gandhi insulted his grandfather at the airport only because Anjaiah belonged to the Dalit community and that Modi again reminded that he was a Dalit while speaking to the media last week.
Anjaiah’s grandson said that Modi was raking up the Dalit issue during the elections only to secure the votes of the Dalits. Abhishek Reddy said that it was not fair on the part of Modi to raise the issue again and again even after being informed that Anjaiah’s real name was Ramakrishna Reddy and that he did not belong to the Dalit community but is an OC.
Reddy clarified that Rajiv Gandhi did not insult his grandfather at the airport and that it was not good on the part of the Prime Minister to spread false information. Abhishek Reddy said he would write a letter to the Prime Minister seeking more details on the issue.
According to reports, Anjaiah had reached the airport to welcome Rajiv Gandhi in grand and pompous manner, which was not liked by Gandhi. The former PM chided Anjaiah for the unnecessary importance given to his visit and even told him that he would cancel his tour in the Andhra Pradesh.

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