TDP win is certain, YSRCP leaders in touch with us: AP CM

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP Chief  N. Chandrababu Naidu today said that a lot YSR Congress leaders have been talking to the Telugu Desam Party leaders, with information of TDP’s winning prospects looking bright. Addressing the party cadre, booth agents and other workers on the ground during a teleconference, the TDP chief reiterated that the party will win this election. 
He informed the ground-level cadre to acquire political intelligence on how the Opposition party leaders and cadre are resorting to tricks to manipulate results on the counting day. Stating that criminals and those found guilty of wrong things will be charged, Chandrababu told the cadre that YSRCP’s heinous methods will be exposed soon by TDP workers. 
“We will expose YSRCP-BJP’s nexus and attempts to manipulate the election just JD(S) did it in Karnataka where BJP’s Yedyurrappa was exposed while trying to buy a JD(S) MLA,” he said. He was quick to point out how the TRS has remained silent over AP elections and questioned the pink party’s enthusiasm that it had before the polling was held. 
Stating that BJP’s cadre and position has further weakened in the state, he added that TDP cadre has to be very cautious on the counting day as YSRCP could resort to any untoward incident. “We have to be very careful and keep an eye. We are claiming that we are confident of winning only after seeking several inputs and going through several surveys,” he informed the cadre.  
The TDP supremo also added that many women voters who have remained silent about their choice of vote have chosen the Telugu Desam. According to surveys held by Naidu’s team and other surveyors, apparently 90% of women had cast their vote the ruling party. 
With women voters turning up in huge numbers and waiting in queues until the early hours next day, it was quite a revelation for India to see such interest in voting from the people in Andhra Pradesh. It was also predicted that a huge women voter turnout was also indicative of a pro-incumbency vote. 
However, ever since polling, there has been much noise that the YSR Congress would win this election, sending Chandrababu and the TDP home. With social media boost and YSRCP leaders enthusiasm having no bounds, they even got a name plate for CM Jagan done. Despite all this enthusiasm from the YSRCP, TDP has remained silent and has only reflected its confidence. 
Now, with reports of YSR Congress’ chances looking bleak and exit polls indicating the same, the Telugu Desam Party is claiming that it is confident of returning to power. Will the women voters pay their due back to Chandrababu Naidu this time? May 23rd will have the answer.

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