1 Year of Jagan Govt: Counting the crumbling pieces

A Chief Minister like Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy is one Andhra Pradesh has never seen nor will ever see. Beginning his term with damaging the ‘Prajavedika’ and then creating a flood-like situation by releasing water from the Krishna Barrage and claiming that his former counterpart N. Chandrababu Naidu’s house is submerging and is situated in a flood-prone area, Jagan showed how he would be treating the Opposition -- with vengeance and hostility.  
It did not stop there. Despite taking several unconstitutional decisions such as removing Nimmagadda Prasad as State Election Commissioner or unnecessarily probing into former EDB CEO Krishna Kishore and getting hammered by High Court’s decisions, his administration is marred with such vengeful acts. Even bureaucracy had to succumb to his fancies and insensitive actions.
Additionally, the shutting down of several units of national as well as foreign investors along with foreign aid (from World Bank, Asian Development Bank and others) halting to the state, Jagan’s entry as the CM has spelled doom for employment and development in the state. 
From suspending Amaravati as the Capital and making farmers feel cheated for voluntarily donating their lands for the capital and taking a decision of three capitals and making plans to shift to Vizag, it has all been a havoc for most citizens. 
In case of any opposing voice, he has successfully managed to stifle them along with filing cases under the IT Act unlawfully. Unfortunately, there is indication that the religious conversions in AP also have grown significantly in the last one year along with the number of churches popping up everywhere.
Even in the most recent sale of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s (TTD) lands, the government did not expect a backlash. However, given that people’s sentiments were involved, the TTD had to backtrack on the sale of lands (on directions of the government), considering its vote bank. 
What is most surprising to political quarters across the country are the “People of Andhra Pradesh.” How has the YSRCP managed to keep its vote bank intact even now? Despite all the negative feedback from citizens and all the systematic destruction of institutions in the state, how are people still okay with his tenure? These questions have been doing rounds for quite sometime. 
However, YSRCP’s welfare (free bounty) schemes to their vote bank has been the trick that’s working for Jagan. While a strong social media and PR publicity is helping the political party project every negative step in a positive light, the voters who are given dole and free cash are the ones who are loving the current government. 
It is, however, very interesting to see how the profile of an "Andhra voter" and his/her mindset has changed over the last five years. From wanting to become the best state in the country after bifurcation to just living on freebies, the AP voter has transformed and flipped. Well, looks like the old adage of “Like ruler, like people” holds true in this case. 
While we will have to wait and watch how patient an AP voter really is, we also need to foresee the consequences of such leadership to its people. But, the bigger question is will money and caste evil always be a priority for the people of a state that has some of the best brains? Or will it ever win back its charm as a “Sunrise State”? 
May be, the people will be left high and dry to count the crumbling pieces after everything's over? Well, the answer is open to guesswork!  

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