Flying to AP just got tougher! Clearance via Spandana from State Govt mandatory

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has finally allowed flight operations to resume from today. However, the limitations come in terms of getting a mandatory clearance from the state through the Spandana app if they are flying into Andhra Pradesh. 
These new rules were passed by Chief Secretary Neelam Sawhney. As per the order, “all domestic passengers who wish to come to the State have to enrol in Spandana website ( and obtain a clearance before buying tickets.” 
Airlines have been asked to permit booking only if the passengers have clearance from the State via Spandana portal. According to the new rules, all the flyers would be screened at the airports for symptoms and symptomatic persons would have to undergo institutional quarantine where they would be tested on arrival once and again after seven days, the order says.
If tested negative for the second test, they would be allowed for home quarantine for seven days. Asymptomatic passengers would be considered in two categories based on the place they board the flight to AP.
Passengers coming from high incidence places like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh will have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine for seven days. They will then be tested and sent for home quarantine if the test shows negative for COVID-19.
Persons coming from low incidence areas and showing no symptoms would be sent to home quarantine for 14 days after their swab samples are collected upon arrival.

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