Here’s why you shouldn't rush to buy non-essentials during a pandemic

The country is now battling a massive economic slowdown and people are gradually trying to find their way out as lockdown restrictions have ease and cities/states are opening up. Most states across India have no permitted retailers for selling non-essential items. This announcement has created a rush for pre-bookings and offers which is a way to lure customers. And, then there are gifts, discounts and cash back schemes to make customers yearn for the products. 
While these marketing tactics are not new, many customers fall into the trap of pre-booking. However, given that the country has put the economy in a financial mess, it better to ensure that we inculcate financial discipline to save money and ourselves in case, the impact hits us hard later. 
For instance: Several big brands have say when you purchase a voucher worth Rs 2,999 or Rs 4,999 you get to shop for stuff worth Rs 4,000 and Rs 7,000, respectively. The pre-booking voucher will be sent to your registered mobile number. The voucher can be redeemed across any Central store in India after it is opened after the lockdown ends. You can redeem this voucher only to shop for apparel, footwear and handbags.
You have to shop and redeem this voucher within the first 30 days of the store’s opening. Also, you can shop only from preferred store in selected area as mentioned while purchasing the voucher online. What this actually means is that you cannot avail the coupon or benefit if you shop anywhere between the 30th or 180th day of the "Store's Opening." Be sure to read such terms and conditions while you are getting into these offers. 
Apart from that, there's also the additional problem of lockdown restrictions and some places not allowing any deliveries of e-commerce orders. In such containment zones, you may not be able to redeem such offers in case the conditions mention of "store's opening."
We need to also watch out for offers that offer EMIs. Due to the lockdown and the economic impact, the cost of products may increase and you may have to pay higher EMIs while in overall terms it may not seem much. 
So, don't immediately fall for the online shopping tricks that retailers woo you into. Always remember to factor in the inflation. Moreover, look at saving money at this point in time given that the crisis may return if lockdowns are announced in future and you may need cash at that point.   

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