If lockdowns continue, gender-based violence will spike to 31 million

Many organizations familiar with the issue have reported a rise in incidences of domestic and other gender-based violence during coronavirus lockdowns, but now the UN Population Division has put some global numbers to the problem.
According to the UN, six months of lockdowns around the world would result in 31 million more incidences of gender-based violence, while lockdowns and disruptions continuing for nine months would bring the toll to an additional 45 million cases. 
In terms of contraception (applying mostly to low- and middle-income countries), major disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic would result in 47 million women losing access to contraceptive methods within six months, leading to up to seven million unintended pregnancies.
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the UN estimated that 2 million cases of female genital mutilation and 13 million child marriages will occur that could have otherwise been prevented.

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