India's lockdown extended till May 31st: Here’s a list of guidelines to follow

Centre announced the extension of Lockdown 4.0 by another two weeks and permitted the resumption of most commercial and industrial activity except for those that encourage mass gatherings like cinemas, malls, education institutes, metro train commute, religious, political and entertainment and sporting events. 

However, the centre issued guidelines to be adhered while carrying out permitted activities in public spaces. It is important to be aware of those as you step out of home either to work or to shop.

Here’s the list of guidelines to follow and offences to avoid in Lockdown 4.0:
1. Wearing face cover is mandatory in all public places.

2. Spitting in public and work places will be punishable with fine as per the rules and regulations of local authorities, states or UTs.

3. Social distancing in public places including markets, workplaces, public transport and ceremonies like marriages etc.

4. Not more than 50 guests allowed for marriage functions.

5. Funerals and last rites shall not be attended by more than 20 people.

6. Consumption of liquor, gutka, pan masala, tobacco not allowed in public places.

7. Shops to ensure minimum 6 feet distance among customers and not allow more than 5 people at a time inside the shop.

8. Provision for thermal scanning, hand wash and sanitisers to be made at all entry and exit points and common areas.

9. Making or circulating a false alarm or warning to as to disaster or its severity or magnitude, leading to panic, shall on conviction, be punishable with imprisonment up to one year or with fine.

10. Obstruction to any officer or employee of the central government or the state government or any authorized personnel is punishable.

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