Mangrove land in AP's coastal belt used by Jagan Govt for housing sites

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu took objection to the State “government decision” to clear the Mada forest in East Godavari district to provide housing for the poor.

Mr. Naidu said that wiping out the Mada Forest would destroy the livelihood of more than 54,000 fishermen and their families living in the region.
Devastation and destruction of livelihoods
The TDP leader, on Tuesday, tweeted, “@ysjagan’s decision to wipe out the Mada Forest will not just bring large scale devastation to Kakinada in the form of storm surges and land erosion, but will also destroy the livelihoods of more than 54,000 fishermen and their families living in the region #SaveMadaForestFromJagan.”
He further said how the government was clearing the Mada forests recognised by the United Nations Organisation. “The government is filling up the land with soil. What would happen to people in the event of cyclones? What about the safety of people who construct houses there,” he asked.
Picture proof
Mr. Naidu posted pictures of Mada Forest near Kakinada then and.The TDP has expressed their solidarity to ‘Save Mangrove’ campaign of students who are protesting against destruction of mangrove forests which were being developed as the first shelter bed along the coast from Srikakulam to Godavari districts. The mangrove strengthening was going on since the 1996 super cyclone. The mangroves were badly required to prevent coastal erosion. Eucalyptus trees being developed as a second shelter bed in coastal areas should be also be protected.

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