#2YearsofMisgovernance: How much welfare is enough for a state?

If there is a limit for announcing welfare schemes, what will it be? But, the question is, is there any limit at all? Well, if you have a look at Andhra Pradesh, you will be surprised to learn that there is a welfare scheme for every community or every person. 
Unfortunately, there is no impact assessment on the effectiveness of these schemes nor is there a need-based assessment before announcing new schemes. Yet, the Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government seems to be believing that depositing money in the accounts of beneficiaries is the solution to all problems. 
The YSRCP government announced that its welfare schemes have benefitted 1.41 crore households. But, there is neither a report or a white paper from the government on the schemes’ impact. It is also important to note that just depositing money in beneficiaries’ accounts is not “welfare.”
In the last two years, while the Jagan government has been claiming about “revolutionary reforms in welfare,” the Opposition parties have been crying foul on the vendetta politics practised by the current government. From foisting false cases on TDP leaders and those who speak against the YSRCP government to destroying existing development works, it has been two years of unexpected and unparalleled misgovernance.  
Despite all the image management that the YSRCP has been into, the state’s finances have gone for a toss. From going into overdraft to over-borrowing debts, the state is literally bankrupt as of now, owing to a slew of welfare schemes which are burning the state’s revenues, without bringing in any income. 
As the YSRCP government enters its third year in Andhra Pradesh, it is important for people to observe and question, how much welfare is enough for a state? Will people ever be satisfied with governments continuing to shower them with these mindless freebies and welfare schemes? Where does the buck stop? It remains to be seen! 

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