Jagan’s Vendetta Politics rages on in Andhra; Jay Galla’s Amara Raja Group is the new target

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) ordered immediate closure of plants belonging to Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) at Karkambadi and Nunegundlapalli villages in Chittoor district. The board attributed closure orders to severe pollution caused by ARBL plants in the surrounding villages. 
Amara Raja belongs to the family of former Telugu Desam Party leader Galla Arunakumari and Guntur TDP MP Galla Jayadev. 
In the notice served to Amara Raja company over the weekend, board officials underlined the presence of high levels of lead in blood samples collected from people of the villages. “The lead values in blood are high (35%). Excess lead values in blood samples of those in surrounding villagers show that operation of these units is endangering public health” the notice said.
PCB further requested AP SPDCL to disconnect power supply to ARBL-run MVRLA, automotive batteries division, small battery unit, tubular unit, and unit 3 located along Chittoor-Bangalore road at Nunegundlapalli village of Bangarupalem mandal in Chittoor district.
Management of ARBL has said they are taking all necessary steps to comply with orders given by APPCB. They have also pressed into action contingency plans to avoid dislocation in supplies of batteries to their customers across product segments, including essential-service segments like defence, hospitals and telecom.
“We shall continue to make our efforts to engage with APPCB authorities in the interest of avoiding dislocation in supplies to some of our largest clients in sensitive sectors. At a time of a national emergency in the form of the Covid pandemic, such dislocation could be calamitous,” the management said.
On the other hand, several leaders from the TDP have alleged that this is a conspiracy against the party leaders who have businesses in AP. “It is another way of blackmailing these leaders and harassing them. They did the same with Acchan Naidu, then Dhulipala Narendra in the Sangam Dairy case and now Jay Galla. It is a pattern they are following,” said a TDP leader.
While the allegations are still yet to be proven, it is also surprising on how AP Pollution Control Board which is otherwise very inactive and always needs a push from the State’s Courts, has actually acted abruptly on Amara Raja Batteries this way. “The way the Pollution Control Board works is a known fact. It is almost like a dead department. But, how is it suddenly so active and how did it suddenly find all this happening with a company that has been running in AP for years?,” questioned a citizen who did not wish to be named. 
While the case still seems dicey, it reeks of vendetta politics against the TDP. It is also a reflection of how the YSRCP’s sadistic tactics are reaching a breaking point. In the long run, it could harm the YSRCP itself. 

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