No objection to Krishnapatnam Ayurvedic Medicine: AP Govt

Amidst growing concerns on violation of COVID protocols and the “ayurvedic” medicine (taken as a preventive measure to keep COVID-19 at bay) being distributed by Bonigi Anandaiah in Krishnapatnam, the state government has said that it has no objection to the medicine.

“B. Anandaiah can continue his traditional system, which people started calling the Krishnapatnam medicine,” said a government statement. However, the state will take a final call after the team of experts from the state Ayush department submit their report on it.

“There doesn’t seem to be any objection to continuing the traditional system that has been continuing for the past few years. There is no objection to continue it without declaring it an ayurvedic medicine,” Principal Secretary (Health) Anil Kumar Singhal said.

Since there is a system to validate it, through various tests, clinical trials and other procedures, “we shall wait for the ICMR to test and come up with its report. if it was a medicine. There is no need to control or place restrictions if it has no harmful contents,” Anil explained. 

A team from the Ayurvedic College in Tirupati, is also on the job. The data is being collected,” the Principal Secretary added. The AP government is treating it as a ‘local health practice and tradition’ as a large number of people believe that the medicine is helping them tackle COVID-19 both in a curative and preventive manner.

Ayurvedic practitioner B. Anandaiah has been distributing his herbal concoction to people for a month now and it has created a lot of buzz on social media, resulting in a heavy crowd thronging Krishnapatnam village in Nellore district.

It remains to be seen how the Central team from ICMR will test this traditional medicine and come up with a report. 

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