Now ICMR takes interest in Nellore man’s Ayurvedic medicine for COVID

After The Better Andhra reported about how Krishnapatnam is witnessing huge crowds for “herbal medicine” which is lowering the impact of COVID symptoms, videos of people getting better have emerged across social media and other platforms while support for the medicine is increasing among people.
For about a month, thousands of people, several of them Covid-19 patients, had been thronging Krishnapatnam town in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore district for free ayurvedic medicine, triggering concerns over the spread of the deadly infection.
Bonigi Anandaiah, an ayurvedic practitioner, distributed his herbal concoctions and a popular eye drop among gatherers. While a section of district officials said his “medicines” promised to boost immunity against the coronavirus, there were others who claimed the treatment worked even among those suffering from breathlessness.
The state’s health department officials said that samples of what he distributed will be tested by a team of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country’s premier scientific body. An ICMR team is likely to fly down to Nellore today. 
Medicinal herbs are used to prepare this Ayurvedic concoction. They said they use leaves, honey, pepper, green camphor, nutmeg, black cumin, and cinnamon to prepare the medicines, and also provide eye drops. 
Experts maintain that there is no magic bullet to cure COVID-19. And though there is no scientific evidence of Anandayya’s concoctions being effective, many people have widely reported in the media that Covid patients having breathing problems and other health complications have gotten better after this treatment.

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