These COVID warriors are running parallel govt of volunteers to save lives in Telugu States

The ultimate sufferers of bad governance and inefficiency of an elected government are people. When a raging pandemic like the current national healthcare crisis (second wave) hit people of India, neither was the Centre nor States fully prepared to handle them. That has resulted in shortage of oxygen, ventilators, beds at hospitals and shortage of drugs across India. 
While every Indian is facing this crisis all by themselves, many warriors and good samaritans from their own cities and states have taken the onus upon themselves to run volunteer groups to help people and save lives. The Telugu States have been bearing the brunt of this unprecedented health crisis. 
As a result, many youngsters from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, along with several journalists have been serving people on social media. In times like these, we are seeing human conscience and humanity on full display.
Every Instagram story, Tweet has these COVID heroes tagged on them. From vaccines to requirements for COVID-treating drugs and beds in hospitals, these young people have been working round the clock on people’s requirements — almost like running a parallel government (of volunteers) by themselves. 
From volunteering to provide freshly-cooked home-made food to COVID patients to delivering medicines/groceries to senior citizens or sick people, these people have been helping every citizen at odd hours too. Some have even gone to the extent of staying in touch with the state’s higher officials and bureaucrats to get clearances for Ambulances at the state borders (halted because of lockdowns). 
Some of the people (with their Twitter handles) running these COVID resource groups from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are: Sri Charan Chikkula (@charan_tweetz), Siddharth Rao (@sidrao7), Sai Teja (@ActivistTeja), Varun (@VK84015570), Aditya (@vizagobelix), Madhuri (@YaminiDiva), Vijay Jabbireddy (@VijayJabbireddy), Rikit Shahi (@chotesarcar), Hi Hyderabad (@HiHyderabad) and many others.  
As we all battle the pandemic together, let us salute the undying and relentless spirit of these heroes who are stepping in to help with resources and save lives. 

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