You can’t stop ambulances at AP Border: High Court to Telangana Govt

After reports of people dying inside ambulances at AP Border surfaced in the media due to Telangana government’s negligence and their rule of restricting vehicles from other states into their state, the Telangana High Court gave the state a warning and asked not to stop ambulances in emergencies. 
Amidst media reports and viral videos of stopping ambulances from AP at Telangana border, a House-Motion petition filed by the retired IRS officer Venkat Krishna Rao was filed challenging the Telangana state’s act to restrict ambulances from other states. 
Seeking the permission of the ambulances into the state, the petitioner sought the court to declare the stopping of ambulances as “illegal”. The High Court chief-justice Hima Kohli-led bench has heard the case.
Telangana state Advocate General Prasad has informed the court that the Covid-19 patients are coming to Hyderabad in large numbers from AP, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. He informed the court that those who have prior permissions and pre-confirmed admission in the hospitals are not being stopped. He said that the state government’s decision was in the interest of the people of Telangana. 
Additionally, he informed the court that the people are suffering due to lack of necessary beds. He briefed the court that the state had earlier stated that those who have prior confirmation of hospital admission are allowed. The Advocate General noted that even states like Delhi have imposed similar restrictions.
However, the Telangana High Court didn’t buy the argument of the Advocate General. The court made it clear that no other state in the country has stopped the ambulances from neighbouring states. The court asked the state "who has given the right to stop ambulances irrespective of the reason." 
The High Court also questioned the government whether the people of other districts of the state are reserving their beds in advance before coming to Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh Advocate General Sreeram said that the move violates the constitution and law of the land. The petitioner’s lawyer Dammalapati Srinivas informed the court that it also comes under the violation of the Supreme Court’s directions.
Stay Issued On Telangana State Orders
The Telangana High Court has issued a stay order on the state government’s previous orders. It asked the government to allow ambulances into the state until further orders are issued. The court told the government to not try to stop the ambulances in any manner. It also said that there is no need for a control room for admission into hospitals.

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