How Gen Z is schooling itself on sexuality

In a society where the quality of sex education in schools in India is hodgepodge at best and in some places, still considered a taboo, emotional development of a child is often pushed under the carpet. Most schools in India have the chapter on human anatomy in class 9 or 10. But by then, kids are already bombarded with information from different sources such as pornography, media, ads and of course, the Internet. 
At a time when pop-ups expose kids to voyeuristic content, it is difficult to control this information explosion. However, the Internet is coming to the rescue of several teens and tweens who want to find out more about everything from condoms to consent. Unlike the earlier generation which clandestinely looked up the meaning of several terms they wanted to know, today’s youngsters can search for it within seconds on the Internet and understand “what a transgender means” or “transvestite,” etc. Several inspirational YouTubers use this dynamic and democratic space for discussions on gender and sexuality. 
Take Laci Green for example.The 26-year-old has created YouTube's most popular sex education series, Sex Plus, while studying at UC Berkeley. Sex Plus has well ov