How Stress Economy is Changing the World

With our smartphones constantly buzzing, our emails reminding us of work, our minds wandering away thinking about the tasks to be completed along with travel to work and home and our familial and financial responsibilities  where each of us are trying to balance it all at once…Does this sound like too much stress? Well, you are not alone! Just texting too can stress you out. According to World Economic Forum, one in five people say they struggle with keeping with the messages and one in six people ignore messages due to a flood of notifications they receive. 
Welcome to the stress economy where people across the world are experiencing more worry and sadness. The Global Emotions Report from Gallup states that in the United States alone, stress, worry and anger have all gone up, with 55% reporting that they had experienced stress during much of the day. The stress factor is costing the US nearly $300 billion a year. In India too, stress levels are skyrocketing. A recent survey conducted by Cigna TTK Health Insurance found that about 89% of the people surveyed say they are suffering from stress compared to the global average of 86%. Meanwhile, the figure is astoundingly high among mil