How YSRCP’s win gives BJP ammunition to make inroads into AP

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections which were predicted to be a tough fight between the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) turned out to spring up a surprise for all when the YSRCP won with a thumping majority, giving a severe drubbing to its rival party and restricting it to just 23 seats. Meanwhile the YSRCP ensured that it also swept the Lok Sabha seats by winning 22 of the total 25 seats from the state. 
By sealing its future for the next five years, YSRCP is now gearing up to make a mark in the state. Meanwhile, the BJP which has secretly supported YSR Congress after TDP broke off its ties with the NDA, is now trying to piggyback on YSRCP’s win to make inroads into Andhra Pradesh and grow its strength. The Lok Sabha elections for the BJP have given it 303 seats which means that the party has enough majority on its own and can survive without its allies. 
Therefore, it will now use YSRCP to ensure that the ruling party in AP plays to the saffron party’s whims and fancies. While it could all be good vibes between BJP and YSRCP for the next one or two years, the BJP is harbouring ambitions on emerging as a strong Opposition to YSRCP in the state. It is expected that Jagan’s YSRCP may undertake several religious conversion activities within the state and hence, the BJP is trying to keep a check on this.  
On the other hand, the saffron party may “use” the conversions reason as a way to emerge as a political rival to the YSRCP within the state and infuse the Hindu/religious sentiment among people of AP. Given that the people of Andhra are known to be highly devotional, this religious angle could work in favour of the BJP to grow and strengthen their cadre. 
With YSRCP claiming power in AP and BJP growing stronger by the day across India and aiming to enter the Telugu bastion, it is believed that the the saffron party may pave way for a much stronger religious sentiment in the state in the next five years, strengthening its foothold. 
News coming from some political quarters also indicates that the BJP aims to form a government in Andhra Pradesh within the next five years. The moot question is will it put Jagan in a fix and “use” his cases to usurp power? We are yet to see how politics within the state will unfold in this term! 

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