Tech & individual expertise helps this family in Andhra make farming profitable

It is rare to find farmers to exploit family strengths and use technology to stay in the business for long. But, this family from Narasarapeta village in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh has changed that. Shakamuri Gangaiah farms with his wife and his mother, Samrajyam, on their 20-acre farm in the village. The family have farmed the land for 30 years and grow cotton and chillies there. 
What has worked for them is they use individual strengths and skills to do their bit. Making use of each family members’ different expertise is vital to running the farm, says Gangaiah. “We segregate work depending on our skills,” he says. “For example, today my mother went weeding, I went pesticide spraying and my wife took care of our dairy cattle,” he explains. 
Aware of the growing uncertainty for agriculture with climate change and others factors, Gangaiah says that building the farm’s income is the biggest challenge for the family. However, he has been making use of crop and market data, as well as researching new technologies which can be incorporated by them. 
This, according to him, is helping them develop their business. Last year, they bought a piece of land in the village and built a new farm building. With chilli prices looking good for the coming season, they hope to be able to buy additional acreage this year.
Meanwhile, Gangaiah and his wife hope to provide good quality education for their two children, son Narendra and daughter Bhavani. Further, he hopes that both his kids learn new skills in their higher education and improve their agriculture business which could help manage the increasingly challenging commodity prices and the impacts of climate change in future. 

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