This cop from Vizag is making waves in Yoga

With heavy work and tight schedules, it is often challenging for cops to overcome stress and pressure on the job. But for 38-year-old Inspector in CID department T. Kalyani, practising yoga has become a way of life. Kalyani started practising yoga in 2016 to reduce her weight, a few years after her second delivery she weighed 75 kg then. She also suffered from some other health issues.
“In 2015, I had severe backache and knee pain and my doctor advised me not to sit down, bend and not to climb steps. I took several medicines and went to many doctors, but there was no change my condition. It was in 2016 September that I joined yoga classes and after six months, my life had changed completely,” she said. “Yoga helps me remain calm even in stressful situations and helps me in taking good decisions fast,” she said.
She has now become an inspiration for women, who are suffering with health issues after their delivery and youngsters who want to keep themselves fit. After her delivery in 2012, she could see a drastic change in her life after practising yoga asanas everyday.
“I think people who experience yoga will really come to know its effect. In fact, women these days suffer of thyroid, uterus problems, backache, migraine and stress. These are the general problems. There are different asanas for treating different medical issues. I suffered from spondylitis, which used to give me tough time specially when I woke up every morning, but now I am totally fit,” Kalyani added.
Along with five to six constables, Kalyani takes part in yoga competitions every year. She is the only police officer of Vizag, who has won a bronze medal in the Asian Yoga Championship in 2018. She bagged the medal against stiff competition from 13 countries. She bagged the gold medal in All India Competition, Visakhapatnam and 66th All India Competition, Jharkhand both in 2016.
She practices yoga every morning and evening at the Yoga Village of Andhra University to be fit and healthy. Her team of five to six constables also practice with her. Apart from practising, the batch also takes part in competitions every year and bags medals for the department.
Being a police officer is always a challenging and stressful job, but practicing yoga helps keep one’s mind free of stress and, most importantly, helps in controlling anger, she added. “Everyday, we handle tough situations with criminals, but after being into yoga, I have controlled my anger so much so that I rarely lose my cool with criminals now,” said Kalyani, smiling.

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