4 Ways to Find a Job during a Pandemic-induced Recession

A pandemic-induced recession has a huge economic impact on the world and the financial situation on every human being. From losing jobs to cutting down on budgets, individuals, companies, and the government — all face a quandary. 
However, the recession could also mean for you to look for alternative solutions to find jobs. Here are four ways: 
  1. Think short-term: This might be somewhat counterintuitive advice, given that a career is a marathon, not a sprint. However, we are living in a time when things are changing  extremely fast. In this instance, it’s best to plan for what would be best for you in the next 30, 60, or 100 days. Ask yourself what your priorities are during this time. Is it to build a financial cushion? Are you looking for a job that can provide a degree of stability and consistency? Or are you in a financial position to focus solely on professional opportunities, with the understanding that finding that right next position can take you longer in this pandemic?
2. Network in digital spaces: Now is the time to update your LinkedIn profile, because companies are still hiring, and some industries, such as healthcare, logistics, and those who provide tools and services for remote work, actually have had to ramp up recruitment to meet increased demand.
Because companies are generally not conducting on-site or face-to-face interviews or hosting events, a recruiter will likely turn to LinkedIn to source candidates. Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and that you’ve provided quantifiable achievements in your role descriptions. That’s what they’ll scan and use to decide whether or not to reach out to you.
3. Look beyond full-time roles: Being an independent contractor or freelancer isn’t for everyone, but it still allows you to bring in an income and keep your professional skills fresh when full-time opportunities might be limited. It’s also a great way to network with companies so that if a full-time role does become available, you’ll have an in with the company and might even be able to bypass the traditional application process.
Given that the “Work From Home” concept has made its way into the post-COVID world, you could find that dream job and yet, work from the comfort of your home! 
4. Upskill yourself & be intelligent about it: By now, you know it is hard finding a job during a pandemic. So, you have to be intelligent about making your way through this situation. How? Do a research on the job and sectors hit by COVID-19 and look at the sectors which have been least or hardly affected by the pandemic. Try to take courses or train yourself in skills which are required by those sectors that are not hit by COVID-19. That way, not only are you ups killing yourself and learning more, but are also financially cushioning yourself from future shocks! 

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