A Peek into Vijayawada’s Gang Wars

Vijayawada has a legacy in the history of Andhra Pradesh. As a city that stands out in positive aspects, it is also notorious for gang rivalries and collective violence. The recent clashes between two student groups and the death of one has brought the city’s strong affinity for violence and gang wars. 
So, how did this start and where is its genesis? It is believed that the founding of the Justice Party led to the emergence of such disturbances. While the Congress and Communist Party were quite active in Vijayawada’s politics, the support of the land-owning community to the communist movement is said to have marked the evolution of violence. 
The clashes between the wealthy people who supported different political parties increased the intensity of gang wars, by eventually creating an ecosystem that thrives on such collective violence. These organised criminal gangs trace back their roots to political parties where leaders focus on gathering groups of students for large party/public meetings. 
As an incentive, these student gangs also become crucial for political parties in managing educational institutions and garnering votes during elections. While this network is funded dangerously by the political class and several vested interests, innocent students succumb to caste differe