AP Budget session to begin on June 16

After nearly three months of postponement and uncertainty, the Budget session of the Andhra Pradesh Legislature will begin on June 16. Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan will address a joint sitting of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly at 10 am on the day. 

The Business Advisory Committee (BAC) will meet soon after that and decide on the duration of the session, sources said. According to them, State Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath is expected to present the Budget for the year 2020-21 on June 18.

The Budget session of the Legislature is usually held in February-March every year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the following national lockdown, the state government brought in the Andhra Pradesh Appropriation (Vote-on-Account) Ordinance, 2020 on March 28 authorising an expenditure of Rs 70,994 crore for the first three months of the fiscal.

As the “Vote-on-Account” period ends on June 30, the government is required to get the Appropriation Bill passed by the Legislature before the due date. With the coronavirus lockdown restrictions virtually coming to an end, the government decided to conduct the Budget session of the Legislature from June 16.

Meanwhile, it is heard that the YSRCP is also preparing for the polls that will be held on June 19 to elect four members to the Rajya Sabha. The polls were put off in March. However, the Election Commission of India recently announced the fresh schedule.

Election became necessary as the opposition TDP fielded its candidate despite standing no chance of victory, with its strength in the Assembly being just 23. Apart from the Budget, the Legislature is also expected to enact other legislations like the new Environment Improvement Act and others. 

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