Jagan to sack YSRCP MP for exposing “caste favouritism” in party?

It is no secret that the YSR Congress Party has been favouring the Reddy Community ever since the party came to power after winning the State elections last year in May. The Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy and his Cabinet indicates a clear favouritism towards the said caste. 
In fact, this ‘caste hegemony’ of bringing Reddys into key positions in the government and party has been the trademark of his father and late CM of united AP, Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. Apart from being accused of corruption and malpractices in the government, Jagan seems to be following his father’s footsteps even in making this “caste favouritism” clear. 
This issue of caste preference has made it to the news once again after YSRCP MP from Narsapuram Raghuram Krishnam Raju accused the party and its Chief, Jagan, of giving key posts to the Reddy community. In a video that is going viral on social media, Raghuram Raju accuses the YSRCP of blatantly favouring the Reddy community, exposing the names of 702 officials from the Reddy community who are holding key posts in the government.
Moreover, Raju also took a dig at the party for Corruption and said that there has been rampant misappropriation of funds in “houses for poor” scheme. He also said that there is largescale corruption in the sale of sand by YSRCP leaders. Claiming that the YSRCP uses same caste leaders to fight against each other, he said he wasn’t interested to join the party initially. 
“It was the party leadership that welcomed me. They literally begged me to join. They said the YSRC would not win in Narsapuram because it is a TDP stronghold, even if it wins all other seats in the state. Fortunately or unfortunately, I joined the party, but I reiterate that it was the party that pleaded with me to join,” he informed, adding that YSRCP could win the MP seat only because he contested from there. 
“It’s not that we won just because of Jagan. In fact, many did not vote for me because of Jagan’s photo. Also, YSRCP forced me to stand against my own friend Prasada Raju,” he alleged. Going by his latest tirade against the party, many party sources say that Raghuram Raju could be issued a show-cause notice by Jagan for going against the party. And, he is also expected to face sacking from the party chief. 
Going by the way these events are unfolding, it clearly shows how Jagan’s ilk is unhappy with his own brashness and lack of including every leader as part of the decision-making process. Meanwhile, there are rumours that many may follow suit. 

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