The Curious case Andhra’s super spreader

In what can be termed a community transmission at massive scale, a small village in the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh has recorded as many as 116 coronavirus cases due to a super-spreader who worked both as a photographer and at a local hotel.
Authorities in East Godavari have began probing into the case of Gollala Mamidada village near the port city of Kakinada where 116 confirmed cases have come to light till Wednesday, with more people still being tested.
The District Collector said that these 116 people were among 150 people who were infected either directly or indirectly by the super-spreader since May 7 in the village and other nearby villages. “We are yet to trace the source from where the person was infected”, he said.
What is tragic in this case is the super-spread who is a 53-year-old photographer and hotel employee died before his test returned positive. As more and more of his primary and secondary contacts, including his son, have tested positive, authorities have swung into action declaring the village and surrounding area a “red zone”. They have also set up a control room in the village which has a population of 15,000.
The photographer, who was admitted to th