YSRCP Leaders’ behaviour puts a shame to Legislature

It is not new to witness fist fights and brawls in the Legislature. Political leaders, MLAs and MLCs, have always made sure that sessions are either entertaining, educative or just plain bitter. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground these days. 
Ever since YSRCP has been in power, usage of unparliamentary works, body-shaming and hitting new lows with person attacks on leaders has become the norm, along with almost indulging in physical attacks too. The scene from AP Legislative Council last night put the entire political leadership to shame. 
Vellampalli Srinivas who is the Minister for Endowments in the YSRCP-led government and Telugu Desam Party member Beeda Ravichandra had reportedly engaged in a fist fight after the latter tried to stop Mr. Srinivas from barging towards TDP MLC Nara Lokesh.
Earlier, the House witnessed an acrimonious debate between the ruling and Opposition members over the tabling of the two Bills — Decentralisation of Governance and Inclusive Development of the AP and Repeal of CRDA Act.
The two Bills were passed by the Assembly in January this year, but were sent to a select committee by the Chairperson of the Council, a decision which led to a furore in the State. On Tuesday, the two Bills were sent to the Council after being approved by the Assembly on Monday.
Meanwhile, Minister for Finance Buggana Rajendranath Reddy sought to table the Bills, which had been passed by the Assembly, but the TDP members vehemently opposed the tabling of the two Bills, as they had been referred to the select committee.
Demand to Table Appropriation Bill First 
The TDP, on the other hand, demanded that the Appropriation Bill be first taken up before tabling of the CRDA Repeal and Decentralisation Bills. TDP floor leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu demanded that the House take up discussion under Rule no 90 on the Appropriation Bill.
The Finance Minister said it was not a custom to initiate the proceedings with a discussion on the Appropriation Bill, and Deputy Chairperson Reddy Subramanyam countered by saying that the House could start a new custom.
Minister for Municipal Administration Botsa Satyanarayana said it was not proper for the House to start a new custom just because there were more members in the Opposition camp. “There has been a never a tradition anywhere in the country that an Appropriation Bill has been taken up much before tabling of other Bills ,” he added.
Mr. Reddy Subramanyam then sought for a consensus and the Ministers sought an opinion on the mood of the House, which means the opinion of floor leaders. Even as the stand-off persisted, the Deputy Chairperson adjourned the House.
Amidst all the brouhaha, important minutes and discussion on key bills and issues concerning the state are being lost. It is to be seen if our leaders really realise any of it!

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