Boy with rare disease dies soon after mother files mercy petition

The mother of a nine-year-old boy with a rare blood disease went to a court in Telangana on Tuesday requesting medical help for her son or mercy killing. The boy died in an auto on the way back home from court. He died just two hours after his mother Aruna applied for his mercy killing before the local court. 
Harshavardhan was born with a rare blood disease and had been bedridden since an accident four years ago, according to his mother Aruna.The family lives in a village in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh.
He was four when the family found out about his condition. They spent whatever they could; sold land and mortgaged gold to treat their son but his health did not improve. The couple also had to take Rs. 4 lakh in loan for medical bills, according to the police.
Left with hardly any money, Aruna then approached a court in Punganur, requesting that the government either take care of her son or grant permission for mercy killing. They had been going to court for two days. Yesterday, on their way home, the child started bleeding and died.

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