Media control: Jagan govt isn’t letting crimes against women hit the headlines

We are in 2021 and women are expected to have freedom and equality with changing times. But, Andhra Pradesh seems to be inching back in time as governance and development are nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, crimes also have gone up in the state. 
But, one may not really see these reports in the Press because of media management of the current Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government. Not only that, but according to reliable sources, there is also an attempt to hide heinous crimes like gangrapes and other brutal incidents from the public eye. 
One such incident that got quietly buried is the gangrape of a woman in Guntur, in walking distance of the Chief Minister’s Camp Office in Tadepalli. Over the last weekend, the woman, who works as a nurse in Vijaywada, had gone out with her fiancé to the Sitanagaram ghat where they were accosted by two men. The fiancé was tied up and thrashed him while the two men took turns to sexually assault the woman.
This incident came to light only after TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh questioned the Jagan government in a series of tweets. While Guntur Police are trying to pin the rape on the notorious “blade batch,” the state government has not let the incident come to light.
Meanwhile, the TDP has alleged of a failure of law and order situation in the state, resulting in the rising rate of crimes against women in the state. “The safety of women is under question in YS Jagan regime, where thousands of police are deployed to crush the Amravati movement, but not for the safety of women,” Nara Lokesh tweeted. 
Sources in the government say that this is not the first time that heinous crime is being covered up by the police and the state. Many such have taken place ever since Jagan took over as the CM of the state but haven’t been reported in the media due to PR management of the government. 
While one may clearly see that a Chief Minister’s statement as just an eyewash for the public, such brutal crimes not being reported or buried sets a bad precedent for the state and against women. Women’s safety must become a priority and policing needs to be increased to ensure that such incidents go down in the state while law and order situation improves. 

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