Pawan into Modi's Cabinet? It could finish his political career

There have been rumours on social media over Jana Sena Founder Pawan Kalyan getting inducted into PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet which is set to undergo a major reshuffle. 
As Pawan has been supporting Modi since 2014 and hasn’t gotten any benefit from Modi or BJP, there are rumours and speculations that PK would be given a Cabinet berth. Going by the nature of these rumours, they seem baseless and do not achieve anything for Pawan Kalyan. 
For someone to get into the Union Cabinet, one has to be elected as MP for Lok Sabha or should be nominated to Rajya Sabha. Since Tirupati by-election is also done along with other vacant positions, there are no by-elections for Lok Sabha in any part of the country in the recent future, Pawan getting elected to Lok Sabha is easily ruled out. 
Regarding Rajya Sabha, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party has only one MLA in the Assembly. So, the party has no minimum strength to get Rajya Sabha nominations. Unless Pawan merges Janasena into BJP, he may not be nominated to Rajya Sabha from the BJP and only then can he be inducted into Cabinet. 
If one were to observe this move, it is highly unlikely that Janasena will merge its party but that would be a political blunder. Since Pawan Kalyan has often said that he is not in favour of any political posts or positions and has maintained that his political entry is to serve people, Pawan will not merge Janasena into BJP for a mere Cabinet post.
Since Chiranjeevi had earlier merged his Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) with the Congress at a time when the party was plagued by scams and bagged the Union Minister of Tourism post, it had invited the wrath of many people who criticised Chiranjeevi's act. 
Ever since Pawan floated his own political outfit Janasena, there has been criticism from his rivals that Pawan too would follow his brother Chiru and merge his party one day. At least until now, Pawan has managed to trash all such allegations.
So, Pawan Kalyan getting placed into Modi’s cabinet in the coming reshuffle is highly impossible and those rumours may not hold any water. But, if they turn out to be true, they shall finish Pawan Kalyan’s political career. 

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