Telangana political battle: Sharmila invites Eatala to join her ‘no-name party’

Y.S. Sharmila, who will be floating her own political party next month, has held a key meeting with YSR followers and sympathisers. In this meeting, Sharmila said that she is stepping into politics only for the welfare of Telangana people and her wish to see every poor family with a smile on their face.
Sharmila also discussed the latest political developments in Telangana state especially the episode of former health minister Etala Rajender. Speaking on Etala’s ouster from the TRS by KCR and family, Sharmila said it is common from the part of TRS party to lodge as many cases as possible against leaders who exited the party and in order to protect himself, Etala is preferring to join BJP.
Sharmila further added: “If Etala wants to join my party, he is most welcome. But neither have I approached him nor did he. We did not meet even once and in case he changes mind and wants to walk with me, I have no objection.”
Apparently Sharmila’s party needs politicians who have a decent following among the public. But so far no bankable leader took to Sharmila’s side except for some lesser known leaders with not so good credentials.
Will Etala consider Sharmila’s invitation? It’s unlikely considering the humiliating comments YSR made against him in the erstwhile AP Assembly. Etala still remembers the comments and recently when he announced leaving TRS party, he recollected the remarks and added despite YSR pumping in money to subdue the Telangana agitation, he chose to stick to TRS. 
However, with Eatala considering several political options, the bigger battle for him lies in his constituency Huzurabad, where he is going to re-contest the seat soon. What we are not aware of about this is whether he will contest as an independent or choose to go with BJP or Congress or any other party. 

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