How citizens are taking charge to make leaders accountable

The trend of naming public places and amenities after politicians continues all over the world. It all depends on which government is in power. Now, in a twisted case which feels like a move to make leaders and the state government accountable, residents of Hyderabad have come up with a “name and shame” policy to remind leaders of their promises.
For instance, the residents of Malkajgiri in Hyderabad with the backing of the local BJP cadre, named the Anand Bagh Road Underbridge (RuB) as “KTR/Commissioner RuB, Malkajgiri” to focus attention on the delay in finishing the work. KT Rama Rao, popularly known as KTR, is the TRS Working president and was Municipal Administration minister in the TRS government between 2014-18. He is also Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s son and responds to complaints and queries from citizens on Twitter.
In this particular case, it has been six years since work on constructing the RuB began. The RuB is to connect Anand Bagh with East Anand Bagh.“When I raised the issue in the Legislative Council, KT Rama Rao who was then Municipal Administration minister said there is an issue between GHMC and Roads & Buildings department. Both are Telangana government departments. If this is constructed, it will reduce driving distance by nearly 4 km,” N Ramchander Rao, BJP MLC. 
This tactic worked in April 2018 when Congress activists partially repaired a damaged road in Secunderabad’s Marredpally area and christened the stretch as “KTR-Ivanka Trump Road". It was thus named because only roads through which Ivanka Trump during a visit to Hyderabad was travelling, were recarpeted and given a facelift. After the public embarrassment, the GHMC repaired the road stretch properly. 
Similarly, during the monsoon last year, the opposition party put up pictures of KT Rama Rao and Kukatpally MLA of the TRS, M .Krishna Rao on the potholes. The municipal body fixed the potholes immediately. 
In Secunderabad Cantonment, residents with the backing of Congress workers filled potholes on a road stretch with gravel and stones and put up boards that said “KTR-Nirmala Sitharaman Road”. This was when Sitharaman was the Defence minister.
Looks like the citizens of Andhra Pradesh too can take inspiration from such an example and be pro-active and remind their leaders to bring attention to making public infrastructure better. It is high time everyone deserves the right facilities for the taxes they pay! 

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