10 Things Nara Lokesh needs to do to become TDP’s Capable Scion

Nara Lokesh has been Telugu Desam Party’s ever rising son. The common assumption is that he will take over the reins once TDP National President, his father, N. Chandrababu Naidu, steps down (whenever that decision is taken in future).
But, to be the capable of running a party with a great history, bearing the rich legacy of his family, Lokesh needs to up the ante and get more aggressive in his learnings. Of late, there have been several videos circulating on social media, elevating Nara Lokesh as the invincible leader. 
If one goes through Lokesh’s speeches of late, they seem to be coming from well-informed advisors, which was not the case when TDP was in power in Andhra Pradesh. While his speaking abilities have definitely improved, he needs to put knowledge into those speeches. Most of his oratory skills look like an imitation of his father. The facts he states in speeches or press conferences, the book he quotes are all the ones that are his father’s favourites. 
If Lokesh wants to prove himself as the capable future leader that Telugu people look upto, here are 10 things he needs to re-learn: 

1. Learn to accept criticism and take it constructively to grow.
2. Spend more time with people on ground and develop a rapport. Clearly there is a disconnect with people as they still see him as Chandrababu Naidu’s son and not as his own person. 
3. Be the first person in the party to be aware of any latest developments/innovations which could be introduced for party’s growth or development.

4. READ: All his speeches are dull and drab. They reflect clearly that he is neither a reader nor has any interest. A leader should always be curious to know more and read more. 

5. Listen: Most of them who give advice are brushed aside. Listen to senior leaders, second-wrung leaders, party karyakartas on ground, their families and most importantly, the Opposition. Over-confidence led to TDP’s downfall last time. Therefore, Lokesh should become the party’s eyes and ears. 

6. Prepare more second-wrung leaders to support him and become his strength. Relying heavily on senior leaders may not work in his favour, always. 

7. Re-build TDP’s image as a party for the youth and address issues of the younger generation. 

8. Analyse and look at issues through different perspectives.

9. Know more about the Opposition and be prepared to jump quickly at opportunities which help the party prosper politically.

10. Be open-minded and straight forward in managing party karyakartas will go a long way in correcting different levels of laxity within the party. 
We hope that these suggestions will definitely boost the party’s prospects and help Lokesh gain a competitive advantage as a rising leader and become a capable one, while there is still time to grow and learn. 

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