Andhra Tourism official assaults colleague for being asked to wear a mask

A man employed by a hotel in Andhra Pradesh has been caught on camera beating a woman colleague after she reportedly urged him to wear a mask on June 27. 
As the global coronavirus pandemic spreads and claims more victims across the world, the use of measures such as wearing a mask and keeping physical distance have become the norm. However, there will always be rule flouters.
In India where the COVID-19 infection rate has officially crossed 5,67,000, a heinous physical assault incident underscored the volatility of the situation. In an incident captured on video, a man who is employed in Nellore by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department is seen walking up to a woman colleague and beating her up. 
When an older man steps up to stop him, he is pushed down as the thrashing continues with an iron rod/baton. Another lady colleague is seen in the clip looking horrified, but quickly walking away. Finally, two men intervene and eventually stop the perpetrator.
The incident took place three days ago, on 27th June, when the woman and the official had a heated argument in the afternoon, following which she hurled verbal abuse. Losing control, the Tourism official beat her up after dragging her down from her chair and thrashing her mercilessly. 
Following a complaint registered by the assaulted woman, Nellore Police took action on the perpetrator while the woman has been undergoing treatment in a hospital for being severely injured. Meanwhile, Nellore Police have arrested the tourism official who will later be produced in court. 
After the video of the Tourism Official’s assault went viral on social media, several people cringed at the kind of physical abuse towards the women. Many also wondered why the other woman seen walking out did not stop the man while the others did not bother to protect the woman being beaten up. 
This incident highlights the high-handedness and brash/ruthless behaviour of government officials towards their subordinates. Repeated incidents like these take place within the government, even including IAS officers. Yet, they get hushed in the process without making it to the media. 
This brash behaviour of the bureaucracy needs to be penalised severely. Else, this kind of abuse (physical and mental), misuse of power and authority will continue in the years to come while they continue to terrorise people and their subordinates who question their moves. 

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