As Foreign Returnees mount, AP sees highest single-day COVID spike at 1000 cases

An unprecedented 998 corona positive cases were recorded across Andhra Pradesh as of Sunday. Equally alarming has been a single-day high of 14 deaths, taking the toll to 232.
The overall positive cases touched 18,697 in which 10043 are active cases. As many as 20,567 tests were conducted in the past 24-hours in which 961 were diagnosed as COVID-19 positive.
The highest number of five deaths was in Kurnool district, followed by three in Anantapur, two in Kadapa and one each in Krishna and Visakhapatnam districts.
The highest number of 157 positive cases in the past 24-hours was in Guntur district while Kurnool district continued to be the highest with a total of 2,451 cases. Anantapur district, which was relatively low, jumped to second spot with a total 2,186 positive cases.
From the overall tally, 16,102 belong to AP, 2,179 are from other States while 416 are foreign returnees. As many as 10,043 remain active positive cases, 8422 have been discharged.
Kurnool district continued in top position in the state with a total 2451 positive cases, followed by Anantapur district with 2186 cases, and Guntur district with 1827 cases. 
Of the 1, 827 positive cases in Guntur district, 1,063 are active cases. With 118 fresh cases, East Godavari district’s total has shot to 1,607 with 1m155 active.
As many as 97 positive cases were registered in Kurnool district increasing its total to 2,451 of which 1,153 remain active cases. With 96 positive cases in Srikakulam district, the highest in North Andhra, its total positive cases has risen to 189 in which 129 remain active. 
Around 88 cases were registered in Visakhapatnam district increasing the total to 721 in which 337 were active cases. In Anantapur district, 87 new cases have taken the total positive cases to 2,186 in which 927 are active cases.
Chittoor district recorded 74 new cases increasing the total positive cases to 1324. Of them, 849 are active cases.
In Krishna district, 62 new cases were registered and increased the tally to 1,743 in which 1,003 are active cases. Kadapa district, with 52 new cases, has had 1,245 positive cases in which 801 remain active. 
In Nellore district, 45 new cases were registered in the past 24 hours increasing the figure to 730 and of which 342 continue to be active cases. A total of 40 new positive cases have been registered in West Godavari district taking it total to 1164 with 811 still active cases.
In Prakasam district, 27 new positive cases took its overall tally to 700 in which 323 are active.
The least number of 18 new corona positive cases was registered in Vizianagaram district in the past 24 hours increasing the total positive cases to 215 with 149 being active.
With 36 new cases, the tally from other States increased to 2179 in which 775 are active cases. Only one new positive case has been registered among foreign returnees talking its overall total to 416 and 226 of them being active.
The highest number of 894 positive cases from other States belongs to Maharashtra, of which 173 are active. Among foreign returnees, with 334 positive cases, Kuwait returnees are highest with 176 of them being active.

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