Aspiring for a Career in Politics? Here are 10 tips for Youth

  • Village-level/Ward-level workers or partymen should have a fair idea of their party ideology and the local issues that need attention. 
  • They should be effective communicators or develop the ability to simplify issues to voters/people.
  • Use Skill development program in the garb of the party — can be a huge crowd-puller. This will work because it promises a future for youth and also gets them to listen to the party ideology.
  • Every person who wants to be a part of a political party tries to look for what benefits them if they join it. This message needs to be clear. So, youth could be given targets for membership drive, etc.
  • Organise/engage in conducting a village-level party meeting or a rally, which will bring forth a person’s skills in leadership and management.
  • Identify other young guns in the village and train them about the issues the need to be addressed. They could be the problem-solvers in the village. This will not only help the party win people over in the village but also create strong ground-level leaders with a clarity on issues.
  • These youngsters could be trained, if interested as part of party workshops, and be used to train other cadre, if they are strong with a particular subject.
  • Instead of focussing on caste or religion, the message village-level leaders could convey would be to focus on the future of their village development.
  • Identify key voters and their political affiliation/history and look for opportunities to win their goodwill. 
Thorough knowledge of village, mandal, district, constituency as well as current issues in the state

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