Heading backwards? Why AP doesn’t need reorganisation of districts

As the world struts through a pandemic with healthcare systems being overwhelmed and COVID-19’s impact getting worse, the Andhra Pradesh government has different priorities. While the government needs to focus on bettering the healthcare it is offering in these times, it believes that splitting 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh is more important now. 
According to a meeting of the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet yesterday, the government is now planning to reorganise and break 13 districts into 25 districts for “ease of administration and resources,” as quoted by official sources. 
The objective of the reorganisation of districts is to make optimum and effective utilisation of human resources and infrastructure facilities. However, the same reorganisation in Telangana from 10 districts to 33 has worsened government administration, leading to further confusion among people. 
On paper, the idea of reorganisation looks very utopian. However, the ground reality is different. With people of Andhra Pradesh already used to the existing district structure post bifurcation, this reorganisation will not only confuse them if they need government’s help but also delay the delivery of services to citizens. 
Therefore, the question here is not about how many districts the state should be split into but whether it is necessary at all? In fact, the reorganisation doesn’t simplify administration. It will further complicate tasks and lethargy of government officials who are already known for their lackadaisical approach towards delivering citizen services. 
With the state already suffering the after-effects of bifurcation even today, the citizens of AP really need to wake up to the destructive administration of the current government which is not only hampering the state’s progress but also its future. 

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