Overnight Sensation: This woman from AP prepared a lavish 5-course meal with 67 items for her son-in-law

Sometimes, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, if that quote is something to live by, then a woman from Andhra Pradesh got it right. Preparing an extensive 5-course meal, a mother-in-law cooked this elaborate meal for her son-in-law. 
The video in which the woman, from Rayalaseema region, explains about the menu, went viral on social media. While she cooked 67 items, one person on Twitter shared a video of the woman in which she can be seen showing her preparations. From the welcome drink to starters to desserts, her ‘idea and efforts’ have won hearts on the internet. 
The video was shared by a user named Ananth Rupanagudi, who informed that the ‘lady prepared 67-items’ for her son-in-law. While she can also be heard singing and welcoming her son-in-law in Telugu, the camera also pans on a decorated table where all the food items are kept. 
Since shared, the video has been viewed over one million times. With more than a million likes and thousands of comments, netizens praised her efforts and even joked that they wanted to be born as her son-in-law in the next birth. 
One Twitter user wrote, "so many omg! A quarter of it I won't be able to eat. But hats off to her! Banana leaf adds taste to food and has healthy properties”. Another said, “Respect to the love, affection and culinary skills of this lady”. 
Looks like the woman wanted to create a true feast for eyes and the mouth! And, what is a better way to bring people together than food right? 

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