Sonu Sood deserves to be in the Indian Parliament. Here’s why!

Sonu has been “SooD’ing” the migrant population and those in distress during these testing COVID times. From arranging buses to their hometowns/villages to ensuring they don’t go hungry, he’s become the citizen’s “Saviour.” Being just a tweet away is not how celebrities work, usually. But, India has seen the best of Sonu’s social work ever since COVID-19 hit us in the worst way possible. 

Recently, when he learnt of a farmer’s daughter tilling land manually in their farm, Actor Sonu Sood responded on Twitter that he would be sending a tractor to a farmer from Mahalrajuvari Palle village in KV Palle mandal of Chittoor District, after being moved by the farmers’ daughters plight. His tweet came after he watched a video clip showing a farmer and his wife sowing groundnut seeds, while his two teenage daughters tilling the land by carrying the yoke on their shoulders.

Not just this incident, but many more have brought out the best of Sonu Sood for this country.

Here are 4 reasons we think Sonu should be in the Parliament:

First Responder: It takes a lot of effort, energy and willpower to go all out and help those in need. Especially in a pandemic where a highly infectious virus has restricted everyone to their home, Sonu went out of his way to offer the help required immediately — monetarily and as a humanitarian effort. 

Crisis Management: Crisis management requires a different kind of leadership and response altogether. One needs to make a hands-on effort along with being attentive at all times. Having a team that is proactive and available round-the-clock is something Sonu Sood ensured. That deserves applause even from the leaders of this country who do not know effective ways to respond to a crisis.

Great Coordination & Team Work: Any kind of crisis response deserves a good and hands-on team which has a great coordination. Getting approvals from state governments for plying buses during a pandemic can be mentally and physically taxing. Despite all the hurdles, a good leader is someone who has a hardworking team, along with great coordination and empathy to act at the right time and respond in humane ways. For all of that, his team definitely deserves recognition. 

Accountability: Taking accountability of migrants’ travel can be dicey for anyone, especially without the government’s support. As someone who came forward to work help out in his individual capacity, Sonu ensured that the paperwork, logistics, clearances, food and all safety measures were followed while arranging buses for migrants and helping them get to their hometowns. As an individual, taking accountability of so many migrants makes him a true hero of India who deserves a seat in the Parliament. 

Aren’t these good enough reasons for Sonu Sood to be in the Indian Parliament? As someone who is compassionate about helping people and doing his best for the poor and, most importantly, for taking accountability, Sonu Sood could be a true inspiration for our country's younger lot as a capable leader. 

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