Why BJP is struggling create foothold in AP

To understand this, one needs to go back in time to understand (united and divided) Andhra Pradesh’s politics. Historically, Congress has had a stronghold in the state after Andhra Pradesh’s formation in 1956. There was the Janata Party which existed and was the opposition party in the state led by Jaipal Reddy, Venkaiah Naidu, etc until TDP’s entry. (Jaipal Reddy joined Congress and Venkaiah Naidu joined the Bharatiya Janata Party).
But, in the 1980s when India was witnessing the rise of regional parties, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was formed on an anti-Congress plank and the sentiment of “atma gauravam” (self-respect of the Telugus). Due to TDP Founder and former Chief Minister, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s (NTR) popularity and crowd-pulling capacity, the party won people’s mandate and continued to strengthen its position in the state as one of the major parties.
Since then, the Telugu politics witnessed Congress and TDP as two principal parties in the state while BJP almost, always allied with the TDP and was hardly negligible in its presence. However, following bifurcation, political equat