Employment Numbers: Govt won’t do anything in Modi’s India; We are on our own

Covid-19 has disrupted the economy in general and the financial security of families in particular. In the jungle of quibbling over economic numbers; these numbers do not make any earth-shattering difference to you if your job does not return, or your business does not re-open. 
Let us take the hard path to follow and believe (the harder part) the official statistics thrown at us from RBI, Finance Ministry, Niti Aayog and so on. India, we are told, will grow in FY 21 @ 10% or so while we contracted in FY 20 by 7.3%. So from 100, we went 92.3 to add 10% this year to become 101.5%.  This means as a nation,  we would have grown by only 1.5% in the last two years. With 6% plus inflation, it also means that in real terms, we would see a degrowth of