How Jagan-led govt created ‘artificial floods’ to trouble Chandrababu

In the last five years until TDP President N. Chandrababu was serving as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh or even in the years before bifurcation, Krishna district hardly witnessed floods. This year, despite deficit rainfall, the district witnessed a flood-like situation. 

The reason? Opening of most Prakasam Barrage gates which were done purposely to inundate several areas within the district. The result was a “flood-like” situation where water crept into homes of people, making their life miserable. 

All of this was done to prove a point that Chandrababu’s residence, which lies on the banks of Krishna river could be hit by floods any moment. The idea behind the “floods” was to ensure that Chandrababu vacates his house. But, he has been adamant. 

And, if one tries to analyse the situation logically, in the last five years, his house never faced a threat of the floods, despite the state receiving better rainfall. So, how did his house suddenly fall in a “flood-threat” mode for the YSRCP leaders is something that is making people laugh at the gimmicks of the current government led by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. 

Reacting to this, Telugu Desam Party supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday accused Jagan of hatching a conspiracy to drown his rented house, located on the banks of Krishna River. He alleged that the current government “intentionally delayed the release of the Krishna water from the Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar projects in order to sink his house. He also claimed that the floods could have been avoided had the water been released earlier.

“Officials came to my house while it was flooded. If my house has sunk, I feel the pain. Why were other ministers hovering around my house? Floods rendered thousands of poor people homeless, but officials were roaming around my house only. This government has also closed Anna canteens that provided subsidised meals at Rs 5. If canteens were available, it would have been useful for the victims,” he added.

Well, looks like Jaganmohan Reddy’s obsession with revenge on Chandrababu is actually creating more disasters than the damage done to the state by natural disasters! The story of Jagan as CM has lessons in leadership for everyone. The sooner leaders learn, the better it is! 

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