Made-in-Andhra Entrepreneur’s journey: From a college drop out to a CEO

Quitting his B.Com degree mid-way was the first of many bold decisions Suleiman took in his journey of becoming an entrepreneur.
Hailing from Anantapur, the young lad is all set to launch an app called Peri Box which will specialise in home delivery of customised biryani across several cities. Suleiman credits the Atal Innovation Centre at Sri Krishnadevaraya University in Anantapur with helping him take his idea forward and convert it into a startup.
Suleiman plans to roll out his app in Bengaluru, Anantapur and Kurnool for now. Leveraging his technological expertise and the reach of social media, Suleiman has roped in his friends D. Rammohan and S. Muddasir to aid him in his project that is expected to create several jobs in the long run.
“After saying goodbye to my B.Com degree in 2016, I enrolled at the Lemon School of Entrepreneurship at Nagpur on the advice of my friend Pavan. That resulted in me getting selected in Mobile 10 X Incubators 2017 at Bengaluru where I designed some apps which ultimately failed. I later created an app and community called “In The Nights” which focused on users who are active on their phones between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. The idea drew the attention of several angel investors from the US who have invested ₹46 lakh in it,” Suleiman said.
In three months, Suleiman garnered 20,000 users for finding hotels and bus timings through his social media section. This drew the attention of Praveen Singh, founder of, who offered valuable encouragement to Suleiman. 
He later worked on a social matchmaking app called ‘BeYu’ which helps people do background checks and know each other’s online social behaviour before committing to a relationship.
Growth plans
Suleiman says he wishes to break from the mould of other dating apps and sites by having only paid memberships. 
“Deepak Ravindra, known for launching some apps like Look Up and others, invited me into Private Fund, a group of startup founders, and offered to make me CEO of Pix Carte (a soon-to-be launched software for photographers) by merging my company ITNS Social Network Pvt. Limited,” Suleiman said.
Suleman has been promised an investment of ₹70 lakh into the startup that he would manage in the future. “Peri Box is bound to expand with the online biryani sales market likely to grow into a $4 billion market in India,” the budding entrepreneur said.

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