Srikakulam-based goldsmith carves smallest national flag in Gold

Palasa-based goldsmith and micro artist Kottapalli Ramesh Achari have prepared the smallest national flag and the Indian map by using only 110 milligrams of gold. 
He entered the Wonder Book of World Records, Bharat World Records and Golden Star World Record for making the World Cup and cricket ball with just 600 milligrams during the earlier World Cup season. He sent the Indian flag and the map to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a gift for scrapping Article 370 and 35 A.
Ramesh said that he had made the Indian flag with 70 milligrams of gold, while he used only 40 milligrams for making the India map. It took only three hours to prepare the micro items. He used 22-carat gold for making the flag and map. 
No joints were there in the items and value of the total gold used for the project is not more than 320 mg.  Ramesh Achari also said that he would prepare more micro items in future.

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