Amaravati farmers intensify protest against three capitals move

Amaravati farmers on Tuesday intensified their protest over the Andhra Pradesh government's move to trifurcate the state capital.

The protesters, including women, stood with folded hands on either side of the Seed Access Road when the judges were passing through the area to the High Court.

Petitions filed by some farmers challenging the approval of two Bills by the Governor were likely to come up for hearing on Wednesday.

Protesters from various villages formed a human chain along the road, while maintaining social distance. Some of them were carrying national flags. Few of the protesters were on their knees and with folded hands as the convoys of judges passed.

The protesters pleaded that their interests be protected and the government withdraw its move to develop three state capitals.

Policemen kept a tight vigil from Tallayapalem to Nelapadu to prevent any un