Dear TDP, Enough with the Press Meets. Strengthen your cadre!

The word on the street is that many people love Chandrababu Naidu as a leader and their Chief Minister. But…they see the Telugu Desam Party weakening in Andhra Pradesh. 
If one goes by the recent wave of press conferences by TDP leaders, it is evident that there is hardly any internal work being done by its young leaders or members, except for the Party’s National President, Chandrababu Naidu. It is true that there have been several attacks on TDP partymen by the YSRCP karyakartas ever since the party won the 2019 elections. 
Unfortunately, TDP’s defeat in the election also hit the party’s moral strength. While it continues to fight the YSRCP and its destructive policies in the state, there is a vacuum created within the TDP due to lack of strategy on strengthening the party. 
The Better Andhra has earlier pointed out that TDP’s general secretary Nara Lokesh needs to pull up his socks and work harder. Not only has he been a major disappointment but also his lack of field visits and meeting the cadre has further hit the morale of the cadre. 
The press meets of TDP leaders have gotten so boring. Neither is the public interested nor do they believe that the TDP is working towards strengthening its cadre for the next election. If the party is really serious about winning the next election which could happen earlier than 2024, it needs a wake-up call and the High Command needs to open its eyes wide open! 
Else, it will continue to keep faltering despite having had the chances to pull itself together and make up for the lost opportunities people gave the party. We hope that the party bosses will listen to advice and take it constructively in re-building the party ground-up. 

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