Floods in Andhra Pradesh: Misplaced priorities or pure ignorance by State Govt?

The incessant rains in Telugu States continue to bother many of its people. Especially in Andhra Pradesh where the Godavari river crossed the 20-lakh cusecs mark and left several villages inundated along its course, there has been no respite. 
In fact, scenes of people living on rooftops and open spaces after abandoning their homes which are inundated is a common sight all over the media. Most of the flood victims have complained about lack of food, water, shelters and other amenities from the government for five days now. 
Despite several appeals to the state government and local leaders, the YSRCP government has been lackadaisical about the flood situation. In fact, even during vista by state ministers, several flood victims were furious at the government not coming to their rescue. “You come for votes, but do not help us when we are in urgent need,” is a common woe of those suffering the aftermath of floods while their families and kids remain stranded. 
The third warning has been issued at Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage at Dowleswaram near Rajamahendravaram as the floodwaters were being discharged into the Bay of Bengal. Close to 35,000 people in East Godavari and 27,000 in West Godavari were affected so far, according to the reports from the respective district Collectors.
In all, 67 habitations were inundated in West Godavari, 146 remain affected, including 80 inundated, by the deluge in the East, the reports said. While villages upstream in Rampachodavaram and Devipatnam remained cut off, several villages downstream in the Amalapuram division were flooded.
At a time when floods have thrown life out of gear in the state, the Chief Minister and his council of ministers proudly launched a new Tourism Policy for the state. The criticism for this kind of misplaced exercise has been huge across several sections of the state. 
Many are questioning if there is a need to launch a new tourism policy at a time when the people of its state are suffering the devastating effects of pandemic and now, floods. Political analysts state that it is pure ignorance by the state government which is clearly not bothered about saving people’s lives or making it better by ensuring essential supplies to flood-hit villages. 
“All that this government wants to do from the time it wakes up is to show how much money they showered on a scheme or people. And, people need to realise what it means for them,” said an analyst who did not want to be named. 
Surprisingly, the people of Andhra Pradesh, who often blame Chandrababu Naidu even for the slightest ignorance or any neglect despite contributing so much for the state’s growth, are all silent about such injustice being meted out to them. What would one call this level of ignorance and why are voices that question the government being silenced or threatened? Let us look for answers to such important questions rather than fight over nonsensical caste-related issues! 

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